What I Want From a Personal Blog


Frictionless writing and posting

  • This blog is about [[!Learning in public]] so I want to encourage quick thoughts and regular posting by removing the barriers around actually submitting a post.
  • No clumsy editing or digging through log-ins, builds, and code. Just nice, easy, [[!markdown]].
  • No long build process or having to shuffle files around every time I post/update.

Integrate with my notes

  • A Digital garden where there is no perfectionism or [[!imposter syndrom]] worrying if something is 'good enough to post'.
  • A single source of truth where my posts can become part of my notes and vice versa.
  • Ability to keep certain drafts or notes private, if necessary.

Simple photo handling

  • I want to be able to dump photos in or not.
  • Optimised. No long load times if you don't have that super fast internet connection or the latest hardware.

Stream capabilities

  • A stream for daily thoughts that collects the random thoughts and notes of the day and puts them in context for viewers navigating and also for myself diving through the archive.
  • Like a personal Twitter. (Perhaps better to just leave it on Twitter?)


  • Easy sharing links and conversation sparking
  • RSS and indieweb integration. You don't have to be in a social media bubble to participate.