The Earth Is Not Fixed

"Rivers disappear and so do stories, only to rise again in unexpected places." - Robert Macfarlane, Underland

This is a living Earth where tides shift, ground collapses and rises again, and volcanoes live and die. What we take for granted was not always there and may not always be there.

Likewise we tend to accept our current society and world view as 'fixed' and the new norm that will continue. [[!Democracy]] is brand new and yet many in the West (including myself) take it for granted that it exists and will continue.


  • Makes me think of [[!Oral storytelling]] and the idea that [[!Stories are alive]]. Stories used to be malleable, passed down and changing with each retelling, whereas now we think of them as 'fixed' in a book or a film. Is this popular view linked to our new view of the earth and our current society as fixed?