Maze Design Principles

Concepts and techniques for designing mazes.

Mutually accessible centres

  • Nodal junctions that convert a Maze into a Network.
  • Can circle indefinitely.
  • Invented by Greg Bright, The Maze King

The Rhizome Labyrinth

  • Rhizome - One single, connected maze. Any 2 points may be connected in multiple ways.
  • The Library of Babel is a Rhizome universe.

Partial Valves

  • 3+ paths swirl around each other into a centre point.
  • Controls movement by making it hard to retrace steps.


  • In 2D, there is only so much room and complexity is limited.
  • Bridges make mazes a three dimensional problem and allow new ways to traverse the maze.

Conditional movement

  • Only certain paths available at any one time.