Brass & bones in an ancient, electrified copper mines


  • Lightning bugs
  • Copper spinning silk worms
  • Spiders casting electric nets
  • Dwarf cult of the storm gods
  • Slave uprising in progress
    • Raw, untrained mage channeling storm magicks
    • Want their ancestral mines back but many different tribes not so sure. Some want to destroy djinn, others want to use the lamp.
  • Copper palace in the depths
  • Djinns running the operation, searching for legendary lamp in the copper palace of a rogue leader of their order
  • Rock chomping hyenas. Known for biting noses off sleeping soldiers in tents.
  • Rust monster/beetle used to hunt copper veins (and not to be set loose...)
  • Wandering jungle, walking away from mines but may return
  • Hungry river, dammed up by Empire
  • Empire (unknowing + uncaring) buying up the copper from Djinn frontmen. Building an industrial ley line rail through the jungle and carving out a domain.
  • The organ/pipe player of the palace. Their tones haunting the tunnels of the mines.
  • Mine cart chase, electrocute railings.
  • Boring Elephants