What's Top of Mind?

What I'm currently think about and notes percolating in the brain:

  • [[!COVID-19]] - Still wrestling with covid after-effects and plan to learn more about rehab processes. Hope to learn from this for work methods as well, especially for avoiding and recovering from [[!Burnout]].
  • The Library - Back to a voracious reading habit so my Library book notes are getting a lot of love. Also switching to ebooks for non-reference books so the future of reading and ebooks has become a new topic of interest.
  • Storytelling - The perennial obsession. Currently zooming in especially on Narrative structure and [[!Literary device]].
  • NaNoWriMo - As a side effect of an increased story obsession, I'm getting serious about the craft of writing again. I'm using NaNoWriMo 2020 to build a regular writing habit and currently studying [[!The Art of X-Ray Reading]].
    • As part of that, paying more attention to writing and style as I read. Expect to see that reflected in my Library reviews. First in the firing line: B-Mexican Gothic.
  • This Portfolio redux - Clicking along in the background. A full design overhaul is the eventual goal but for now I'm focused on getting the structure and content in place for [[!Learning in public]].