Portfolio Redux

Is a portfolio website ever really done?

No. But my old one, for all intents and purposes, is. It has languished unloved and unupdated for too long so I am starting over from the ground up: considering both the experience on both ends as viewer and upkeeper.

For a bit of added fun, I'm constructing the site live as part of my goal to [[!Learning in public|Learn in public]].



  • [[!A portfolio post mortem]]
  • [[!Digital garden examples]]
  • [[!Obsidian vs Roam Research]]


The Process

  • [[!Why garden]]
  • [[!How to build a digital garden with Eleventy]]

[[!Building a Digital Garden]] series:

  • [[!Building a Digital Garden - Getting Started]]
  • [[!Building a Digital Garden - The First Note]]
  • [[!Building a Digital Garden - Architecture of a Blog]]
  • [[!Building a Digital Garden - Style MVP]]
  • [[!Building a Digital Garden - Launch]]