Narrative Types

Most narratives fall into one of four over-arching types. The type does not determine the Narrative structure but rather how the [[!Narrative]] unfolds and/or people engage with it.

The 4 Types

  • [[!Linear narrative]] - The most common type of narrative, with events portrayed in largely chronological order (ex: Indiana Jones, Chronicles of Narnia, most classic stories).
  • [[!Nonlinear narrative]] - Disjointed narrative, with events portrayed out of chronological order or the direct causality (ex: [[!Memento]])
  • [[!Interactive narration]] - A narrative where there is one [[!Narration]] but the user must work to gain the pieces and/or put them together in the correct order. Can be linear or nonlinear. (ex: most video games where you must complete a level/quest to unlock the next section of the narrative).
  • [[!Interactive narrative]] - Nope, not the same as above. This time it's [[!Narrative]]. An interactive narrative has a branching structure where the user makes choices that advance the story and lead to multiple different outcomes. Can be linear or nonlinear. (ex: [[!Choose Your Own Adventure]] gamebooks).