Environments Are an Active Force

“Environments are not passive wrappings, but are, rather, active processes which are invisible.” Marshall McLuhan, [[B) The Medium is the Massage]]

The medium is the message. According to Marshall McLuhan the medium shapes the content and us more than the content of its communication. Environments, therefore, are an active force constantly working upon us.

In his book [[B) The Medium is the Massage]], McLuhan was primarily focused on different kinds of media but this concept extends to digital and physical environments. See: [[!Environmental psychology]].

This can take on a new meaning in physical environments as well. In war, for example, B-Underland touches upon how the landscape can become an active actor and combatant.


  • Linked: Jorge Arango investigates applies this to digital 'places' in his book [[!B-Living in Information]].
  • Root: [[B) The Medium is the Massage]]